Thursday, March 18, 2010

money-spender :D

yezza dah shopping, best taw tak. pegi mid bwk rm100, blek rumah jadi rm2. bagus tak ummi ? dah try dah saving2 tpi xleh gak. kalau ikot hati, dah lme spent more than 100. so, ummi jgn la mara2 taw :D

so, bought a cardigan, a perfectly-fit trousers, and a pink shirt exactly the same dengan tasha's n piqah's. we now have a 'uniform' baybehhh! :D

oh. watched alice in wonderland yesterday. 3 stars out of 5. the ending is totally as predicted.
and if you're searching for a breathtaking, nerve-wracking movie, this is not the right movie for you. takat nk relax2 tu bole la kot.

smpai rumah about 6.50 pm. about 9.30, klua blek dgn adi pegi buat spec die n amek spec i. and then singgah mcD beli ice cream. adi blnje woooww! and he brought me msuk dapor mcD. illegally. i think :P nseb baek ade sorg abg comel kerja situ :D

tu jelah what i did on 17/3/10. byee! :)

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